As you probably have gathered, I’m a huge advocate for using Lifecycle Marketing in all aspects of your business. If you aren’t familiar with Lifecycle Marketing(LCM), you can check out the concepts here in the free course from FUEL.

As an Infusionsoft consultant, and later as a trainer, it was ingrained in me over and over, not just by Infusionsoft touting it, but by witnessing the genuine impact it has and results it consistently creates. (Sidenote, until today I thought it was spelled “engrained”)

In fact, I believe so firmly in the concept of Lifecycle Marketing that the second course I created under the Monkeypod brand was LCM: Real Life, all about helping small businesses take their Lifecycle Marketing strategy and execute it in real life.

Anyway, over the last few months I’ve been collecting perspectives from Lifecycle Marketing experts, and I wanted to share them here. The following insights are from Justin MacDonald, close friend of mine, Adam Lavine doppleganger, current Infusionsoft employee, and fellow entrepreneur.



GJ: Can you briefly explain why lifecycle marketing matters to small businesses?

JM: Lifecycle Marketing matters to small business because it provides a clear blueprint of your existing business and where you should invest in your sales, marketing, and fulfillment to improve and grow. It takes the guess work out of what you should be doing.

It matters because too many small businesses know that this stuff is important, but they forget to tie it all together. They end up creating a disjointed customer experience that won’t scale.

GJ: What is the hardest part about LCM?

JM: LCM creates the “why” and then the “what” but doesn’t address the “how”. This is the difficult part — translating “what” you should do next or better in your business into “how” you can best execute it.

GJ: What do most people misunderstand about LCM?

JM: I think the biggest mistake people make regarding Lifecycle Marketing is not actually using it, meaning, not using ALL of it. It is a lifecycle. You have to prioritize what to execute first, of course, but it is an entire system that is effective when leveraged in its entirety. You don’t minor in LCM, you major in it. (Tweet that)

That, and also nurture. Not enough people focus on building a relationship with their potential customers.

GJ: Talk about the relationship between Lifecycle Marketing and Infusionsoft (the company or the software):

JM: LCM is the strategy, Infusionsoft is the tool that best enables the execution of that strategy. The Lifecycle Marketing concepts hold true for every single business, and there are other tools that can help facilitate it, but few that do it as elegantly and comprehensively as Infusionsoft can.

GJ: Why are you an LCM expert?

JM: Well, Greg asked for my perspective, and since he’s and expert on Lifecycle Marketing…

I suppose other reasons might include personally using LCM and Infusionsoft to grow my own business 6x in 3 years; serving hundreds of small businesses through LCM consulting and implementation, designing Infusionsoft services and events that serve thousands of small businesses through LCM consulting and implementation, and then of course, mostly because of Greg’s Beard.

If you’d like to get in touch with Justin, or have questions about anything in this post, feel free to comment below or use the details provided:

Name: Justin “Coach Mac” MacDonald
Company: Authority Football
Twitter Handle: @Jmacfusion

Free Lifecycle Marketing Course

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