Tasks are automation’s way of telling us that something needs to happen offline – and marking the task as complete is how we report that the deed was done.

But sometimes, that’s not specific enough.

So with this new Infusionsoft feature, Task Outcomes, you can denote not only that the task was completed, but also HOW it was done, and then trigger automation accordingly.

For legacy Infusionsoft users this might feel familiar – it’s a modern version of what used to be called “Task Completion Scenarios”.

So, the first step will be configuring the different outcomes your task might have.

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You can set up outcomes on the fly – or repurpose the outcomes you created in the past.

Then, once you’ve done that you’ll use a Task Completed goal like normal, but when you configure the goal you’ll choose which of the task outcomes satisfies that particular goal.

Infusionsoft Task Outcomes Gif2

This dramatically increases the flexibility of tasks, because they’re no longer just complete or incomplete; and the new nuance allows for better segmentation and thus more effective automation.

But, that doesn’t mean that task outcomes will be necessary everywhere – here’s a quick example of use cases where this is and isn’t going to be a fit.

All in all – massive step in the right direction. You can check out their documentation on this feature here.

There are a few small additions that I’d still like to see them add (task outcomes in the mobile app, task outcome reporting, and more accessible interface for managing the existing outcomes we’ve created), but all things considered this is a powerful update that will simplify some of our existing campaigns, and give us more options as we design future automation.

I’d love to hear what questions you have, or how you plan to use it in your own business!