As you probably know, Keap is an automation powerhouse – but not everything can (or should) be automated.

Tasks are a useful feature for the times you need to do something manually.

And Tasks do have a native notification at the time they’re created.

Notify Owner

And that’s great – the moment the task is created it lets the owner know that they’ve got something to do.

But, what if they don’t do it right away?

It begs the question…

How can I get a reminder as the task is due?

If you’re on top of your tasks and you always complete them immediately, then hey – don’t rub it in.

But if you’re like most humans, sometimes we get distracted – and the challenge with Keap’s tasks is that the out-of-the-box automated reminder is an objectively annoying pop-up that you see if you log in.

But what if you don’t log in every day? Or you just don’t want more pop-ups in your life?

If you want an automated reminder to quietly and reliably show up in your inbox on day the task is due, there are a few ways to do that.

So there you have it – whether you are creating your tasks inside the campaign builder, or you’re setting them up manually, you can now automate ‘last minute’ reminders.

Receiving notifications on the day that tasks are due helps ensure that nothing gets missed – and having those show up in your inbox is just an extra layer of convenience.