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YouTube Channel

Yes, I maintain an active YouTube channel with a massive amount of totally free content. If you’re the type of person who loves learning, we’d recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel so that you’re the first to know when we upload a new video there.

And, take a look through the archive of videos there (you may find some really valuable stuff).

FAQ Template Campaign

Building a campaign to respond to the questions you are asked most frequently is one small way you can save yourself time.  You may only get these questions a few times a week, but if it saves you 2-3 minutes each time, that time adds up and you can get back to focusing on what you are best at. Check out the corresponding blog post here.

6 Keys to Crush a Webinar

Over the years I was at Infusionsoft, I planned and ran dozens of webinars. I first learned what I was doing by watching friends of mine, like Jordan Hatch and Scott Richins.  In fact, Jordan was the Original Infusionsoft Mastermind, and once upon a time he did a webinar about running webinars. This was the inspiration for these 6 keys which will make running your own webinar a more fluid experience. If you have your own keys please let me know what you’ve found to work for you!

Crush a Webinar

Infusionsoft Playlist

We’ve got an active YouTube channel, and our Infusionsoft videos have been lined up into one super awesome YouTube Playlist. Check it out. Each video has a helpful trick or hack, a proven strategy, or a real campaign break down. Enjoy.

Adding People to (and removing them from) Campaigns

Infusionsoft’s campaign builder is the sexiest part of the software. People absolutely love it. But even with all the buzz about it, it’s still not as straightforward as it could be to add people to campaign you’ve built. Or to remove them from campaigns they no longer need. But, it can be done and it doesn’t require you creating a bunch of unnecessary tags and entry goals. Check out this quick video and see if it helps!

Infusionsoft Mastermind Calls

Occasionally I’m invited to participate on webinars and podcasts – here’s a recording of my guest appearance on the Infusionsoft Mastermind Call with Jordan Hatch. Take a listen as I diagram a ninja campaign for allowing your members to manage their own subscription. This little trick doesn’t require any third party tools or plugins, and will give your subscribers the ability to switch to a new subscription, or a new billing cycle without risking double payment. Register for future mastermind calls here.

Infusionsoft App Audit Checklist

It’s easy for stuff to pile up in your Infusionsoft application. Especially if you’ve taken over an application that someone else configured. That’s why it’s important to spend some time each year (or each quarter) performing an audit on your application and cleaning up the redundant or unnecessary information. But where do you start? There’s no recipe for executing an effective audit, until now. Grab this 21 point checklist and make sure that you cover all the major violators when it comes to accumulating junk.

Nature of Nurture Ebook

Nurture is the single easiest thing you can do to impact your bottom line. It involves taking the prospects you’re already capturing, and converting them at a higher rate. You can implement a nurture process that will dramatically impact your bottom line without spending an additional cent. So, given all that, why are most entrepreneurs still doing it wrong?  Start with these 11 questions and nurture your prospects like you mean it. The easiest way to make your customers believe you care about them is to actually care about them.

On Deck with Coach Cameron

I was featured on a Podcast, On Deck with Coach Cameron, predictably, with the host and my good friend Coach Cameron. You can see the original page here if you’d like to download it. He’s got some great stuff if you’re looking for a solid business and marketing podcast.

Business Addicts Podcast

I was honored to be a guest on the Business Addicts Podcast with Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding. We had a little bit of technical trouble with our audio, but once that leveled out there’s some real value in our chat. You can listen below, or check out the original recording here.

Maximum Lawyer Podcast

I loved joining Tyson and Jim on their Maximum Lawyer Podcast to share my entrepreneurial story, and lend my perspective on business automation. I really respect what these guys are doing, leading the automation charge in an industry that has historically been adverse to technology. Worth a listen for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. (Listen Here)

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