Infusionsoft keeps the momentum going with another strong update (scheduled to release over the next week). Lots of goodies in this update; some that we’ve been waiting for, and some that I didn’t even know I wanted. I’m gonna profile a few of the new features to let you know which ones I’m most excited about and why:

Update #1: New Email Builder in Campaigns
What it does: This gives you the ability to use the new Email Builder inside the campaign builder.
Why it matters: Um, because its amazing. Now you can send mobile responsive emails in your campaigns. It’s freaking here. (Maybe a little late, but it’s here, okay?) You just drag out the Email Beta snippet like you normally would when building an email inside a sequence, but this time when you go to configure it, it’ll open the new builder environment instead of the traditional one.

(Oh yeah, and templates. We can now create, save, and use our own templates for the new email builder. Yahtzee!)

Update #2: New Unengaged Marketable Email Status
What it does: This release introduces a new email status to tell you which of your marketable contacts have disengaged for 4 or more months.
Why it matters: This allows you to see how effective your marketing is doing, and target segments of your list with waning engagement levels. I think most people will agree that marketing to contacts who are interested in what you have to say will definitely yield better results than marketing to folks who have totally tuned you out. At the very least, this will allow you to differentiate so you can speak to those two groups differently. Oh, and they’ve added the ability to filter and search by this criteria via the Email Status Search.

Update #3: New Quote Status Filters
What it does: This gives you some additional filters by which you can search your quotes.
Why it matters: Did you know Infusionsoft has the ability to send quotes? Well, it does. And it is rapidly getting better. A few months ago they gave us the ability to accept payment on those quotes; and now they’re adding some new filters to the quote reporting so that you can find the data you need regarding your outstanding quotes. If you’re using quotes (I’m looking at you Delane) then this is great news.

Update #4: Auto-Update Credit Card (For Infusionsoft Payments)
What it does: This new feature means that when a customer receives a new credit card, the system will automatically start billing the new card and stop trying to bill the one that was expired or cancelled.
Why it matters: I don’t think I need to explain….but really, this means you that Infusionsoft will communicate directly with the credit card issuer to gather and bill the new credit card details rather than having you reach out to your customers to try and get the new details or trying to get them to update their info. NOTE: This is only available for people using Infusionsoft Payments, and only for MasterCard and Visa. But still, this is amazing. No more need for billing automation to collect for those folks. It doesn’t hurt to have them update it manually, but now that’s the fallback instead of the standard.

There are a handful of features in this release, so I’m not going to profile all of them. In fact, I’m not even going to record a video outlining the new updates because Infusionsoft has already created this video; and it’s freaking awesome (Kudos Brett). Enjoy: