“Do you have any Keap campaign examples?”

This is one the of the questions I’ve heard most over the years.

Like, if you’ve never used Keap’s campaign builder at all – then I’d probably start with this Campaign Builder 101 Blog Post.

And if you are looking for a comprehensive campaign builder training course – then you’re gonna want the CB Trilogy.

(And just in case you hadn’t heard – thanks to a partnership with Keap the CB Trilogy, and all my other courses, are now free to all Keap users.)

But, even if you have a solid grasp on how the campaign builder works, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve exhausted all the areas it can serve your business.

3 Critical Campaigns

Here’s a great place to start, with 3 of the most common campaigns that I think can help just about any business on the planet.

Those three examples are pretty high level – and I think could be useful for any business, regardless of your industry, business model, or part of the world.

Two More Campaign Use Cases

The next video I’ve got is also a bonus from the Infusionsoft 101 mini course, and covers two more scenarios where I think the campaign builder can save the day.

Check it out:

My hope is that as you watch these videos, you’re getting ideas for automation you might be able to use in your own business.

Remember, if you need training on how the campaign builder works – the CB trilogy is where I’d recommend you start.

But I know that a big part of maximizing the ROI we get from Keap comes from our ability to spot automation opportunities, and I hope these examples have helped.

Speaking of examples, here are a few more…

More Keap Campaign Examples

Lead Magnet Campaign

Offering a lead magnet is a tried and true way to collect leads and grow your list. And if you’re dealing with any sort of volume, then automation is an essential ingredient for this process. This opt-in campaign offers an ebook, but could just as easily work for almost any lead magnet you might have.
Watch Demo >>

Gather Extra Info

I think we usually think of web forms and landing pages as being tools to collect leads – but you can also use them to gather supplementary info about the folks who are already in your database. Here’s a campaign example designed to collect extra info from your existing list.
Watch Demo >>

Webinar Campaign

Webinars are a great way to engage with prospects, or to build rapport with your existing audience. But in both scenarios you’ll want to build out automation to support the experience (and increase attendance). Here’s a detailed breakdown of the campaign I use for Monkeypod’s webinars.
Watch Demo >>

Two Things Campaign

Sometimes we need automation to happen, but only after the prospect has done two things (like sign a contract, and make a payment), so this demo shows you how you might set up a campaign to accommodate that situation.
Watch demo >>

Course Fulfillment Campaign

Generating new leads is important (obviously), but sometimes I think it gets a disproportionate amount of focus. We can also use Keap Campaigns to support our post-purchase customer experience. Here’s a demo of how you can use automation in the fulfillment part of a customer’s journey.
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Flexible Goals Example

Goals work to start and stop sequences – but occasionally we want the same sequence to be stopped when one goal is achieved (like when they buy), but we want it to persist when other goals are met (like when they open, or click), so here’s a campaign set up that can handle that.
Watch demo >>

Here are a few more, organized into a playlist on the ole Monkeypod YouTube channel. But please feel free to drop comments below withe use cases of your own, or requests for campaigns I can model in future posts or videos.

Thanks for reading.