You’ve likely heard about the way Google, Yahoo, and Outlook are evolving, but one aspect if that is the rising importance of engagement.

It’s no longer enough to get email permission once – we need to be maintaining our list, and actively removing the contacts who stop engaging.

If you depend on email as part of your business strategy, either to produce sales, serve your customers, or for any other business function; then this is a critical habit to adopt – and soon.

So, how do we report on engagement?

Inside of Keap there is a report you can use to manually search for contacts who have (or haven’t) engaged in various time frames.

In Keap Ultimate, formerly Max Classic, the report is called the Email Status Search.

In Keap Pro and Max it’s called the Email Engagement Tracker.

But in both versions it has a set of useful filters you can use to assess your database.

Keap Email Status Search

So that sneaky little report might just give you all the information you need.

But running it manually can be a little labor intensive…

Can I automate this?

So thankfully, the answer is yes.

PlusThis has a feature called Email Engagement Triggers that allows you to process the contacts in your database on a recurring schedule, and automatically update their tags to reflect their most recent engagement.

Now, one thing to note is that this checks contacts individually – so it does count as a tool run per contact. If you have unlimited tool runs, no problem. But if you don’t then you might want to look at restricting the audience it runs against using the selector option.

Engagement Tracker Settings

Or, you could also use the HTTP post option and run it against contacts as they hit key steps in your automations.

Moving on – a common question I’ve been getting is “How does this differ from Keap’s native tools…”

Is this better than Keap’s native engagement tracking?

Good question. The PlusThis feature is different from the native tools in a few key ways.

First – it’s much more granular. Keap lets you automate when someone’s email status changes, or change their status when their engagement slips (unengaged marketable, and unengaged nonmarketable).

Native Keap Engagement Features

PlusThis lets you tag contacts when their engagement hits key threshholds. So, if they don’t engage for 31 days, it tags them, then again at 61, or 91, etc.

But, the other way this differs is that it runs on a schedule you can choose, and then it resets the tags. So, if someone re-engages, it’ll automatically remove the unengaged tags as it re-evaluates your database.

Alright – there you have it.

At the very least you can start analyzing your database to segment based off of engagement with the native reports, or if you’re already a PlusThis user you can quickly set up the Email Engagement Triggers and you’ll immediately have new information you can use to improve targeting and segmentation.

Or, if you’re not yet a PlusThis user – check out the plans and start a free trial here.

Where do I learn more?

The Keap Academy platform offers a course covering ways to Supercharge Your Automations using PlusThis, featuring real world examples and use cases from Keap Partners and PlusThis users.