A list of links and resources to supplement the live FastPass training event.

Day One

Capture Leads

New Landing Page Builder Tutorial [Free Video]

LeadPages [Paid Lead Capture Tool]

FormLift [WordPress Plugin]

Thrive Themes [WordPress Theme]

Infusionsoft Landing Page WordPress Plugin [Free Plugin]


The Infusionsoft ecosystem is rich with tools that extend the power of Infusinosoft.

Check out the full list of tools that have earned my trust on the Useful Tools page.

Day Two


LCM: Real Life [Paid Course]

Fulfillment Reports [Help Article]

Third Party Fulfillment [Help Article]

Traffic and LeadSources

Facebook ROI Tracking [Blog Post]

Simplifying LeadSources for Sanity [Blog Post]

Dynamic Facebook Audiences [Blog Post]

PlusThis [Paid Tool]


The Secret to Infusionsoft Reporting [Blog Post] [Paid Tool]

Zapier [Paid Tool]

Granular Tactics

Single Sequence Unsubscribe [Blog Post]

The Infusionsoft Nudge [Blog Post]

Abandon Cart Process [Blog Post]

For a variety of reasons we weren’t able to cover ecommerce during the FastPass, but here are some resources you may find useful:

Spiffy for Order Forms [Demo Video]

Billing Automation Triggers – ICON 2015 Presentation [Free Video]

If you want to explore Infusionsoft’s native Ecommerce options then you’re gonna want to check out the Ecommerce Pod course.

Start with the free trial to see if it’s a fit for you, or unlock the entire course and get started.

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SixthDivision Bonus Videos

Gameplan Mini Training

Monkeypod Bonus Videos

Campaign Merge Fields and Links

Pausing a Campaign

LeadSource Tracking

Build an Email Preferences Center