Whoa, that is easily one of the most technical and nerdy titles I’ve ever given one of my own blog posts. But, lemme explain before anyone goes anywhere. When you want to attach a file to an email in Infusionsoft, historically you’ve been able to use the File Snippet. It’s part of the standard drag-and-drop builder that Infusionsoft has had for years. However, this snippet has never given you the ability to format the attachment. It doesn’t let you adapt the link text, or the color, or the font, or anything about it. File Snippet Personally, that’s never been a deal-breaker for me. The file snippet may not be super pretty, but it always did the job. In fact, I’ve even made an effort to continue using it because I try and limit the “hacks” I leverage, to make it easier in case someone wants to follow along. Well, with the recent unveiling of the new Email Builder, there are a few of those snippets that aren’t available. And the file snippet is one that has gone missing. EDIT: The “new” email builder has had a number of updates since it was released, and the new builder can now easily support linking to files and attachments. It’s left a lot of Infusionsoft users asking:

“Without a file snippet, how can I attach documents to my emails? How will I deliver my checklists and pdfs?”

Well, here’s a little trick that has been around for years, but has never been as necessary as it is today: 1. Navigate to the Files section, you’ll notice a Company Files Tab. 2. On that tab you can manage any files you’ve previously uploaded, or, you can upload new ones. My Files 3. If you right-click on the file you want to use, you can select “Copy Link Address”. Copy Link Location 4. Then, you can use this URL as the destination for any link you add to any of your emails, and format it however you like. Link Location   So, to reiterate. Problem: The file snippet is was clunky, difficult to format and is was not available in the new email builder. Solution: Upload files to the Company Files section, copy the link location, and then use that as the URL for any new links you create.