Keap’s fulfillment lists are a personal favorite of mine – and they’re definitely one of the most underused features inside of the campaign builder.

Or maybe in all of Keap (Max Classic only, I believe).

You know how automation usually happens on an individual by individual basis?

Like, if 100 people enter a sequence, there will be 100 emails sent (one to each) or 100 tags applied (one to each) or 100 tasks created (one for each), right?

Well, fulfillment lists allow you to batch those contacts together, and process them as a group.

When would you want this?

Good question – it’s for instances where you want to receive a list of the people who hit that step – like, a list of event attendees on the morning of your event (so you can print name badges).

There’s no need to receive 100 different notifiations, you can just get a single spreadsheet of those people sent directly to you.

Or, a list of people who you need to ship books to, or a list of questions you’ve received in preparation for a presentation, etc.

keap fulfillment list

Just look for the fulfillment list item in the processes section inside of a sequence.

The use cases go on and on, but the solution for each is Fulfillment Lists. This video demonstrates how you can set it up.

So that’s fulfillment lists in a nutshell – do you have an obvious use case for them in your business?

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As you’ve probably heard me say, I believe the campaign builder is the most powerful tool on the planet for small businesses.