Recently I saw a thread on twitter from my friend Bernardo Feitosa where he dug into ‘cracking the engagement code’ for an online course he offers.

The Results: 5x more course participants engaged, and 16x more completed the course.

The thread covers how they did it – it was so valuable I asked him if I could turn it into this blog post – he said yes (obviously).

Note: If you want to see the original thread on Twitter you can do that here.

It all started with this masterful set-up:

Here are the following steps Bernardo outlined:

1. Commitment Form

1/ Commitment Form: If you want someone to do something, why not make them promise?

Commitment Form

2. The Relentless Sequence

2/ The Relentless Sequence: There’s only ONE goal to this sequence: sign the commitment form.

I won’t show a single piece of content from the course before they commit to completing it. Getting this level of buy-in from every student was a game-changer.

Relentless Sequence

3. The Magic Email

3/ The MAGIC email: “Is everything OK?” We’ve delivered emails over 10M times, and in all of that history, one email has the highest response rate ever… This is it:

Magic Email

3.5/ This “Magic” email is so good that every day I see new replies in our inbox, with customers saying how grateful they are that we’re following up.

Magic Inbox

4. SMS Reminders

4/ SMS Reminders Because our course is a daily challenge, we send daily SMS. For a regular course weekly might be better.

So it wouldn’t be annoying, we had people opt-in to these via the commitment form. 60% of all students say YES to daily SMS.

SMS Reminders

5. Lessons Learned

5/ Lessons I learned:

* It was worth it. Our upsell rate has doubled. Not doing that would have been leaving money on the table.

* Don’t be afraid to follow up. Clients actually appreciate it. You’re helping them.

* Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm them with too many steps.

6. Why not a cohort?

6/ We have a high-ticket cohort based course with 90%+ completion rates. Cohorts are the best to maximize completion rates.

For this lower-ticket course, we needed the strategy to be evergreen.

7. What was the Tech Stack?

7/ Tech stack:

* All automation was done via Infusionsoft, SMS was integrated with PlusThisandTwilio

All could be done with other CRMs like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, etc.

* This course is on WP with Memberium but I also use Thinkific for cohort courses.

Other options: Teachable out of the box and AccessAlly by Nathalie Lussier for WordPress.

Want it done for you? A top notch consultant like Brian Keith can help you implement.

Bernardo is (obviously) a super smart guy, and this thread was packed with valuable information that he shared generously.

If you found it valuable, you can:

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Bernardo Feitosa