I’ll get right to the point – you know how when you build emails in Keap you have a bunch of little widgets to use, right?

Have you used this ‘groups’ block?

Keap Groups Block

If you haven’t noticed that feature, or have never used it in your Keap emails then don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re in good company.

In fact, I’m going to pick on the very fine folks from PlusThis to show you an example of why this feature is so important:

All kidding aside – the PlusThis peeps are world class at what they do, and this certainly isn’t a ‘big’ mistake.

But I think it’s more common than people realize.

If you don’t know how this groups block works, then you wouldn’t know when to reach for it – and so you could inadvertently be sending emails with confusing mobile formatting.

The groups block is the solution – it allows you to ‘group’ certain elements together, so that their order won’t change when the email switches from desktop to mobile formatting.

Lemme show you a more detailed example of how you can use this.

So that’s it – that’s the groups block.

This is one of those useful features that flies under the radar because plenty of people don’t know they’ve having the problem that it solves.

If you found this useful please feel free drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.