It seems like “How do I pause an Infusionsoft campaign?” is a question that I hear every month or so.

It’s a fair question, and there are plenty of circumstances under which you’d want to pause a campaign – but the sad reality is that the campaign builder doesn’t have an elegant “pause” function.

This leads to a some people thinking that it can’t be done. Which isn’t entirely true.

It IS possible, it’s just not very clean – and rarely is it worth the extra effort.

So, I need to be really clear – I am not recommending that you do this for all your campaigns (please don’t).

But if you’ve got a specific situation where you have a campaign you’re building, and you KNOW you’re going to need to pause it (during an event, or over the holidays, etc, etc), then let me show you the structure and process required to pause a Keap campaign.

The demo above was built using Keap Max Classic (which was called Infusionsoft at the time), but this same approach would work for Max, Pro, or any version of Keap with the campaign builder.

Note: If you’re the type of person who wants to see the second part of this process where I demonstrate some advanced strategies you can layer in, then check out the Part 2 bonus video on my Monkeypod YouTube Channel.