If have partners sending traffic your way and you want to pay them when their traffic produces new sales, that is the exact use case Keap’s referral partner features are designed to solve – but what if you want to pay them for leads?

Can I pay commission for leads (not sales) inside Keap?

Short answer, yes.

There are a few reasons you might want this: Maybe you want to offer an incentive for leads they register for your free workshop, or maybe you want to offer an incentive for a refer-a-friend type program.

The native Keap Affiliate features CAN handle this, but it takes a little extra ingenuity in order to get things set-up.

In this video I’ll walk you through the steps to follow to create a program that calculates commission for your partners based on Leads they send you (not sales).

So, that covers it – if you need to automatically calculate commission without a sale being processed – you can do it using this workaround.

The key elements here are having a commission program set up that defines the commission you’ll be paying for the lead.

Having individuals enrolled in that program.

Having links those individuals can use.

And then having a process in place to create a $0 order so that the system will calculate the lead commission – and doing this with an Action Set (rather than the create order campaign builder item).

Warning: If you decide to set up a system like this, you’ll want to make sure you have a process for vetting the leads that you’re paying commission on – without a payment being required this process could be vulnerable to bad actors who might want to deceive it.

What do I do next?

If you want a start-to-finish overview of the Affiliate features Keap offers, check out the Referral Partner Launch course from Keap Academy.