Have you ever received an email from a customer asking you to update their email address?

If so, you should probably feel flattered. It means they like you.

Most people who change their email address email their family and friends and then move on with their lives.

So, if they’re asking you to update the email you have on file for them it’s because they value the content you’re sending them, and they want more of it. Kudos.

It also likely means that they’re migrating to a new email account, and they want you to come with them. It could be that they’ve changed jobs, and they’re no longer going to use that old address, or it could be that they originally signed up with an email address they don’t really use, and now they’re gonna upgrade ya to their primary inbox (I still can’t say “upgrade ya” without singing that Beyonce song).

Regardless of the virtual fist-bump they’ve just awarded you, now it’s time to go update their email address. Now, I won’t pretend to know who you are or what the best use of your time is or isn’t, but I’m gonna go ahead and guess that updating the email address your contacts have on file is something we all can agree should be automated.

When it comes to automated solutions letting your audience update their email address the most common choice is a membership area. If you have a secure membership login area then you can totally use that to let your customers update their email, no problem.

But if you don’t, or you need a back-up option, then you may be pleased to learn that Infusionsoft has a built in tool that affords your subscribers the ability to update their own email without having to depend on you at all. It’s a lesser known legacy feature that is far from obsolete.

Check it out here: