The clickbait title of this post would have been something like “How to triple conversions overnight with one small tweak” or “The 30-second video that created the 350% Opt In Spike”.

But I’m not a clickbait type of guy, and this isn’t a clickbait type of post.

Here’s the deal – when I started Monkeypod I built my website. And then I moved on to the next project. And the one after that.

That’s how most businesses operate, right? Build, launch, move on.

In my experience it’s hard enough just doing that.

But this year I set a goal for myself “Do less new stuff, and make my existing stuff better.” (It’s harder than you might think.)

So, with that in mind – I’ve been revisiting my website, and all the stuff I built 3 years ago to ask “Why’d I do it this way?” and “How could it be better?”

In February I asked that about my Contact Us Page – a simple page, creating modest results.

In 2017 I averaged 2 submissions and 1 new contact a month. When I saw those numbers I genuinely didn’t know if it was good or bad. I had no context for it.

So, I decided to mix it up (can’t learn if we don’t try, right?) and I added a 30 second video to that page.

Two months later I had tripled the number of monthly submissions I was getting.

Here’s the deal:

Listen – I certainly won’t pretend to have all the answers.

But from my experience I think that most small businesses spend the majority of their time working on moving things forward, and building whatever is next – which is certainly admirable, but I’ve found revisiting the stuff I’ve already built can be equally rewarding.

Sometimes fanning a fire that’s already burning is easier than starting one from scratch.

(I’ve been watching Survivor lately – so I’ve got firestarting on the brain.)