Update: Infusionsoft has rebranded to Keap, and Keap offers three versions of the software: Pro, Max, and Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft).

So, you may have heard rumors circulating – and it’s true, Infusionsoft is rolling out a new interface.

Actually, it’s already rolled out – all new customers who sign up for Infusionsoft’s free trial are starting out with the new look and feel, and updated Infusionsoft branding.

Here’s a helpful PDF that shows you before and after screenshots of how the interface is and will be changing.

Here are the things that I think are most exciting:

  • A updated contact record interface (it’s sleek, you’re gonna dig it)
  • Mobile responsive interface – like, the whole thing will be accessible from your phone
  • Real time activity feed for individual contact records
  • A drag and drop sales pipeline that allows you easily move opportunities between stages (with plans to add stage based automation)
  • Appointments – an appointment booking interface to simplify scheduling appointments

Now, I don’t want to be a wet blanket – but before you start feeling like you’re missing out, you should know that this new version of Infusionsoft is going to be relatively basic at first.

The contact record interface is definitely sexy, and I love the idea of the entire platform being accessible and responsive on my phone – but, the new user interface (UI) won’t have all the bells and whistles we’ve grown to love.

It will over time – but the first versions they’re releasing will be…simpler.

Among the most notably missing features:

  • Ecommerce
  • Internal Forms
  • Lead Scoring and LeadSource Tracking
  • Sales Pipeline Automation

Just to be clear – if you’re currently using the Max Classic version of Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), you won’t suddenly log in one day and see this new UI.

New customers who sign up through specific channels will be starting out with the new platform – and over time, we can expect the new UI to be introduced

I’m writing this post because I’m worried that this new product will cause some confusion for existing users – well, and maybe for new users.

With two separate versions of the software, it’s easy a divide to occur in the ecosystem, and some folks will wonder why they don’t see the same thing other users might see – so, I want to be clear: The two versions of the software aren’t that different.

There will be some functional changes, and some aesthetic ones – but some things will feel the same.

In fact, some aspects will be literally identical.

The new user interface still uses the existing campaign builder, and the existing broadcast builder. My expectation is that over time the two versions will be more and more similar, and that perceived divide will narrow, rather than broaden.